March 9, 2019

Meet Jane


Jane A. HerronAudiences love Jane’s passionate and energetic style; her ability to enthuse her participants; and the balance she provides in blending their personal and professional life. As an expert in the Training & Development business, Jane will help you to develop your SUCCESS MINDSET and take ownership in your Sales, Speaking, Productivity, Empowerment, Team Building, Assertive Communications, Management & Leadership SKILLSET. 

Are you ready to generate the best results possible as we examine how you spend your precious and limited time, energy and money? 

Jane teaches the PRINCIPLES of SUCCESS and then comparing them to the HABITS of FAILURE. Your daily habits broadcast to the world your level of productivity or your level of mediocrity.  Do you follow the principles of Success or the habits of Failure? Where do you fall on that continuum?


Dr. Maxwell Maltz taught us
You can never outperform your own Self Image, but you can improve it.

Through Jane’s Coaching + Trainings, you will 

> Re-imagine yourself
> Discover your purpose & motivation
> Chart your Course (create your plan)
> Set Goals~Take Action~Execute your plan
> Check your Perseverance Muscles
> Track your Progress
> Review & Redirect & Self-Correct your course
> Celebrate your Victories
> Rest~Renew~Retreat before you Advance to the next higher level of purpose~plan~perseverance 

A little bit about ME … MY WORK LIFE
I cut my teeth in SALES working with four Fortune 500 Companies: Levi Strauss + Company; General Mills; Butterick Pattern Company and Wrangler’s Womenswear. I was a wholesale manufacturing representative ‘manning’ the largest U.S. territories.


I was born and raised in a very small conservative midwest farming community.  After my father’s unforeseen and untimely death at age 33, I was told, if I did not want to be a farmers wife, I would have to work my way through college. 

Life on the farm had taught me by simply planting the right seeds, at the right time, with Mother Natures cooperation, our family would create a harvest that would keep us fed. By age 18, I had learned how to be a master of manifesting, so I started planting seeds with department and committee chair(s) at my college immediately upon arrival. They knew ME by name early on!

One day in my senior year, one of the department chairs handed me a bulletin that had been posted on the wall from Butterick Pattern Company seeking a trunk show representative.

Q & A to myself:

  • Principles of Success: What do you have to lose by applying to this big corporation in NYC?
  • If I was scared,  What If, I pretended I was Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live laughing at myself as I recited
    [I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and people like me].  I was intimidated-so I recited Stuart Smalley.
  • A few days later, I got a phone call from New York City and the little midwest farm girl Jane … got the job.
  • It was a really cool job with lots of creative options, but I had zero business training which I needed immediately.
  • OK, back to the farm, sort the seeds of consciousness, what seeds do I need to plant to manifest SUCCESS: 
  • who do I need to speak with; who can help me; what can I do to ‘make it happen – maket it habit’?

The Principles of Success worked, the feedback I got was ‘I went above and beyond the Butterick Pattern Company’s expectations’. My name was surfacing in the General Mills Fashion Marketing Group (Vogue, Monet Jewelry, Ship N Shore). 

Little did I know, the first executive VP of that  Fashion Marketing Group took notice, curiously asking:  Who is Jane Herron?

Executive Vice President Jane Evans (google her) called me wanting to know where I came up with my marketing ideas?  That single phone conversation led to an invitation for me to come to NYC to attend a national manufacturing show where I would meet my new MANIFESTING MENTOR, Jane Evans, executive vice president of the General Mills Fashion Marketing Group

Now here was the glitch, the invitation did not come ALL EXPENSES PAID with an airline ticket, a hotel reservation, or a daily per diem while in the city. I had to figure out how to get to NYC to meet this executive vice president who was interested in me. 

Not able to ask my single working mother for $1000 just one month before college graduation day, I had to rely upon my own imagination and intuition to get this burning desire met so I could go to NYC.  I might have to spin some straw into GOLD.

Working on the farm,  I have always known how to go to my secret place, and how to ASK the Mastermind for advice. The Principles of Sucess have taught me to LISTEN and then to OBEY

The Mastermind (that little voice within) told me to go directly to the Department Heads to see if there was any unused scholarship money that I might apply for.  I stunned this Department Head! She was so thrilled for one of her students to have captured the attention of a Fortune 500 Company, that ALCHEMY happened. My professor spun some spiritual straw into GOLD for me. She went out of her way to find an extra $1000 in her department funds to “Gift Me“.

Simple yet priceless lesson? Seek–Ask–Obey

Acting within my understanding of the Principles of Success, things got even better when Jane Evans, VP of General Mill’s Fashion Marketing Group promised to introduced me to her BIG BOSS.  My spiritual resourcefulness was working!!

TWO simple yet priceless lessons that I learn at age 22

  1. the hardest crowd to grow out of is the one at the bottom
  2. nothing great ever happens to anyone hanging onto their comfort zone


Your NET-work determines your NET worth!

is your net working

How is your NET working?
My NET most certainly was working because after “manifesting” the needed unexpected $1000 Gift from my Department Head, making it to NYC, meeting my mentor Jane Evans, my manifesting continued to expand beyond my wildest imagination when Jane Evans introduced me to her boss, the President of General Mills: Stanley Gillette. It just so happened that the guy who was the sales representativefor his fashion division Ship N Shore is the state where I lived, was not performing, he said it was TIME to replace him, he had NO female reps, I would be the first.

The Principles of Success did not prepare me for taking a man’s job, but this was a really BIG CATCH for me … and I had no idea what it meant to be the token woman. I would be the one who would be showing the world what a woman could do in SALES, with a huge 5-state sales territory in an all male dominated field who were selling womenswear! Do you think Stanley Gillette was smart to get a woman to sell womenswear to Dept Stores?

After working with Butterick Pattern Company on my college campus, then learning manufacturing sales nationally with General Mills, the company that I had dreamed of working for throughout my college career, another Fortune 500 Company: Levi Strauss & Company, San Francisco-CA hired me to be their first female on their all male national sales team.

Success meets Success: a few years later I was offered an Account Executive position working with the 10 largest west coast accounts with my fourth Fortune 500 Company: Wranglers Womenwear with a fantastic office at the Los Angeles Merchandise Mart.

While working in the heart of the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles, my NET continued to work as I became the youngest adjunct professor teaching Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising [FIDM]. 

Eleven years of selling for four Fortune 500 Companies drew me into SPEAKING & TRAINING.

I had sold tangible goods and I had trained intangible concepts, but one day I manifested something outside of my comfort zone … once again. I was invited to be the opening Keynote Speaker for the Los Angeles Women In Business Conference where there would be 1000 business women in attendance.  I thought NO problem, I have watched so many speakers … speaking is easy.

 The opening keynote SPEAKER sets the tone for the entire conference. You have to be ON POINT and make an IMPACT as the opening keynoter.  This was all very exciting until reality set in: I had never given a SPEECH … and I was soon to find out that delivering a sales presentation or a sales training was very different from a MOTIVATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKING!

FEAR in FORM … IF you could have put cymbals on my knees, I could have led a band! What had I agreed to? I was terrified.

A simple yet priceless lesson about speaking:
When someone makes something look easy, that is the sign of a professional standing before you.
IF they have made it looks easy, they have put in the hours to make it look easy.  Professional speaking is just like that!

A simple yet priceless lesson about speaking:
Just because you are born with a MOUTH … does not make you a SPEAKER!!

For example, IF you love music, you would not pick up an instrument and expect to be part of a symphony.
You would have to put first things first: learn how to play the instrument, practice, practice, practice,
and then … find a Maestro who would be willing to take you on.

I like the metaphor of acting as the MAESTRO helping women play the tune of sales & leadership excellence
with a Mastermind Alliance of Women every Thursday. Why not join us?

To LOOK, ACT, and SOUND like an effective LEADER … SPEAKER … SALES professional (you and your instrument) must be tuned and trained. I am the MAESTRO every Thursday as I orchestrate the MASTERMIND ALLIANCE OF WOMEN

Mastery is not a mystery, it simply requires time, energy and focus.

DID YOU KNOW: MLK practiced his instrument behind a pulpit for 30 years before delivering his well-crafted: I Have a Dream.

DID YOU KNOW: Nixon lost to JFK partly because JFK had attended the oratorical school of debate, was trained to speak to a camera and knew the importance of connecting on a personal level with the American people. JFK valued leadership training, while Nixon came onto his first televised debate unprepared … flying by the seat of his pants … and he LOST to JFK.

Think of the number of women using FB LIVE who have no awareness that they are AIMLESSLY doing more harm than good for themselves and to numberous other women who are acting like a professional. Trust me, like NIXON ~ THEY are NOT winning!  

The simple yet priceless lesson?
. . . just because you have a smart phone and a mouth–does not make you smart nor does it does not make you a speaker!

Think of OPRAH who read scripts and mastered her craft first on the radio and then on television for 13 long years before scoring her own show.  IF you have read her biography, you know how much she values the public speaking training and story telling-selling that contributed as key components to her success. She would be the first to tell you, if you want to be perceived as a professional in any field, you must be trained to SPEAK!  And if you want to be profitable, you must be able to sell your story.  It is your duty to get trained! SPEAK + SELL = SUCCESS

Coaching Leadership Success

EXECUTIVE COACH teaching you to SPEAK & to SELL

In JAN-1986, I attended my first National Speakers Association meeting in Los Angeles where I met the president of the NSA Greater Los Angeles chapter: CONSTANCE DEAN YAMBERT.

It only took one meeting to convince me that I wanted a ‘same sex role model’ to teach me how to walk onto stage with a well-choregraphed speech to successfull earn 6-figures annually. Yes a man could teach me all of this, but would HE be as invested seeing me succeed in a man’s world. I think not! I hired Constance as my Executive Coach on the spot. And you know what? That coaching and mentoring relationship endured for over 25 years! IF you have been looking for an Executive Coach who can groom you, just like Constance groomed for SUCCESS, then … you found the right GURU at the right TIME
Jane will remind you that
Gee You are You [G U R U… her nickname from her radio show was the Gutsy GURU.


While coaching with Constance in Los Angeles, I was able to implement everything she taught me when I landed my first of five contracts delivering full day seminars with the largest Public Seminar Companies in America … delivering FULL DAY SEMINARS in all 50 U.S. States and 10 Countries.  I have easily presented over 2000 seminars to over 300,000 participants!

AS THE YEARS WENT BY, I continued to look for opportunity. Where can I cast my NET next!

I discovered that Dr. Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People had hit the New York Times best-sellers list, but Covey Leadership Center had NO WOMEN teaching or coaching for them. THERE was an opportunity waiting for ME!

You know I had already been the ‘token woman’ with four Fortune 500 Companies, so what did I have to lose by knocking on another male dominate door? I got in, I auditioned, I GOT THE JOB and  became their ‘token woman’. 

Once on the TEAM, I had the opportunity to train nationally for the Covey Leadership Center for 6-years, teaching:

Leadership in the 7-Habits of Highly Effective People;

Productivity in his First Things First and

Empowerment in Dr. Covey’s Principle Centered Leadership

The simple yet priceless lesson? I cast my net! I learned to Ask-Ask-Ask

If you are looking for someone who has 30 years of experience … then you found the right GURU at the right TIME.
TODAY, Jane loves empowering women and she would love to help you develop these skills:

  • Leadership
  • Image Awareness: Voice, Clothing, Color
  • Self-Esteem: once you gain clarity + begin to train, your self-esteem & self-confidence ….GROWS
  • Sales & Persuasion
  • Listening Skills: one of the most important skills!
  • Speaking Skills: Polishing your Presentation
  • Mastering your Manifesting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiations Skills
  • Sales Management
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • NLP + Rapport Building
  • Productivity: we will schedule your success


If you are looking for a qualified and certified Leadership Coach to help you to Spin some Straw & turn it into GOLD:

  • gain self-awareness
  • clarify your goals
  • achieve your professional development objectives
  • unlock your personal potential
  • and act as your sounding board

. . . then consider contracting Jane as your Success Trainer on Retainer!

Jane Herron is a nationally renowned speaker, corporate trainer, and personal achievement coach helping individuals, small businesses, and corporations forge new directions and navigate the change. 

Member of NSA

Some people get so far 'out of focus' they check out, take a trip to VAGUENESS & they stay!

MASTERY is not a mystery . . .

What Happens in Vagueness
~Stays in Vagueness~

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Jane Herron