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Jane Herron is a nationally renowned speaker, corporate trainer, and personal achievement coach helping individuals, small businesses, and corporations forge new directions and navigate the change. To book an appointment or to join a Mastermind Group with Jane, please go to the NEW Bookings link!

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Why Women Struggle with Success

Why Women Struggle with Success   Did you know that little boys and little girls are socialized to SUCCESS differently?  did you know the difference could have been so dramatic in your life that this is the one thing that is affecting your performance as a Woman In Business? Join Jane Herron LIVE in this Leadership + Communications Skills Training Read more about Why Women Struggle with Success[…]

Don’t Be that Girl

DONT BE THAT GIRL! I was just pondering the other night, how often many of us, try to “make things right with the wrong people”. Our natural ability is to make things better or “hang in there” with a toxic situation. As women, we are problem solvers and you know sometimes an issue isn’t meant Read more about Don’t Be that Girl[…]

What Happens In Vagueness Stays in Vagueness

What Happens In Vagueness ~ Stays in Vagueness Clarity creates ABUNDANCE If this is a topic you would like presented at your next meeting, contact Jane directly! Jane is a seasoned and paid professional speaker since January 1986!

Leave my Rut Alone! Don’t touch it–Don’t talk about it

Leave my Rut Alone! Don’t touch it~Don’t talk about it There are 4 key reasons why we stay in a RUT and we don’t want anyone to talk to you about it. Don’t Touch my RUT!! When ready to MOVE, here are 5 Strategies to get you OUT of your RUT

Excuse Me-Your Life is Waiting

Excuse Me~Your Life is Waiting  Lynn Grabhorn introduced readers to the Law of Attraction with her Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting What governs you so forcefully? Feelings! Your feelings, says Lynn Grabhorn, make your lives what they are – not positive thinking, or sweat and strain, not good or bad luck . . .  but Read more about Excuse Me-Your Life is Waiting[…]