Coaching Leadership success

Life doesn’t come with a manual ~ it comes with a mother ... and ... no one is a born leader!
Your internal compass must be tuned to navigate the turbulence found in the leadership challenges of today!
It takes courage to sail in uncharted waters, completely out of your comfort zone, with no direction, no map, no compass.
The woman who gets what she wants in life understands that a small rudder on a big ship in the hands of a skilled captain can
'chart the course' and 'keep the course' in the face of the strongest winds and the biggest waves . . . but she must be trained.


Do you need a Dose of M.E.?
Motivation & Encouragement
I empower you to Own Your Value~Earn Your Worth by Elevating Your Leadership, Communications & Sales Skills

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THANKS & Grow Rich Weekly Master Mind

Learn the simple truth of getting extraordinary results in our MM Group! You don’t want to miss a moment of the support and inspiration to fire-up your ideas with our Peer-Coaching. Join US.

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Executive Coaching for female leaders

Effective leaders must learn to navigate uncertainty by fine tuning their inner compass. Certified by Covey Leadership, Jane works with Emerging & Established Female Leaders in Speaking, Sales

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Chart Your Course MasterClass™

Anyone can steer the Ship, but it takes a Leader To Chart a Course. This Year long MasterClass™ offers you 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 new days of unclaimed, uncharted territory!

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Your Success Trainer on retainer

Jane A. Herron – Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant, Certified Leadership Coach
What if YOU could hire a coach with the REAL experience you need?

Would you value having a certified leadership coach who has presented over 2000 Seminars in all 50 States + 10 Countries
as your coach?
How many Coaches do you know who have been 'paid for performance' as a Sales Rep for four Fortune 500 Companies? As a motivational speaker? As an in-house corporate trainer? or as an executive coach?

Jane A. Herron is that COACH
SHE knows the Road to Success is almost always under construction and impossible to navigate or to make headway without self-discovery TOOLS, like a success map in your hand, a true north compass in your pocket, a commitment in your heart and a MasterMind Alliance seeking you.

Jane wants you to feel inspired & motivated as you learn to navigate the twists and turns in the time that it takes you to creatively draw out your LEADERSHIP M.A.P. filled with your Motivation~Actions~Purpose

Jane's personal road to success has included: working for four Fortune 500 Companies for 12-years in manufacturing sales;
25+ years of SEMINAR TRAINING & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING ... presenting over 2000 leadership, sales & communications seminars in all 50 States and 10 Countries empowering and inspiring over 300,000 participants to take measured and calibrated actions!

Do you need a Dose of M.E.?
Motivation & Encouragement with
Jane A. Herron

that builds leaders you LOVE.

  • 1st woman given a sales territory with General Mills, Levi Strauss, Wrangler's Womenswear, Butterick Pattern Company

  • Spent 25 yrs with CareerTracks; Covey Leadership Center; Nat'l Seminars; SkillPath Seminars; PEI + The Stock Market Institute

  • 2000 + Full Day Seminars presented in all 50 States + 10 Countries for Companies, Associations & Universities

  • 300,000+ lives impacted empowering women with Leadership; Sales; Speaking; Assertive Management Skills

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