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SUCCESS comes with a CompassMAPCommitment

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compass in hand

Learning to BELIEVE in yourself and how to TRUST your intuition are the two BEST ways to your meet your full potential. This is so much easier with a COMPASS in hand + a COACH to call. TAP HERE for a coaching session.



ALL roads OUT of VAGUENESS are typically under construction + impossible to navigate without a roadmap. HOW do I get where I want to go? Your SUCCESS begins with your M.A.P., your: Motivation~Accountability~Plan

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CLARITY of DIRECTION and a CONCRETE COMMITMENT will help to minimize your STRESS + maximize your RESULTS. Using the Law of the Vital Few, aka the 80/20 Rule, you will get more done in less time! We promise!

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Chart Your Course

Anyone can steer the Ship, but it takes a Leader to Chart a Course. This year long MasterClass™ offers you a do-over with 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 new days of unclaimed, uncharted territory! Get on Course & Stay on Course

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Jane A. Herron – Motivational Speaker, Success Trainer, Certified Leadership Coach & YouTube Celebrity
What if YOU could hire a success coach with the REAL experience you need?

Your BIG WHY is a source of INSPIRATION for you to recommit to you, your business, your impact.
Jane got her NICKNAME
"The Gutsy GURU" on a radio show she hosted a few years back.
The name came about because the first step into SUCCESS is being glad that YOU are YOU.
Has there ever been a time when you took a risk, departed from your COMFORT ZONE, and immediately, wanted to RETREAT?
Jane does not want you to retreat back into VAGUENESS!
It is way to easy to stay in your comfort zone and nothing GREAT ever comes out of your comfort zone.
Isn't time to ADVANCE your Mindset, Messaging, Marketing, Mastery and Money.

Your Fierce Feminine Leadership depends upon you mastering the

Jane will help you to Get Gutsy
so don't worry if you are not FIERCE right now.
JANE is here to help YOU to move from stumbling blocks to your stepping stones so you can discover your passion, purpose and profits.

SHE will be the first to celebrate YOU for being YOU by saying
GEE YOU ARE YOU ... or ...
*G * U * R * U* and that spells GURU.

JANE wants to help you to
G et unstuck
O pen yourself to possibilities

F ocus on what you do want
O bserve the GAP
R ecognize that you have to leave your comfort zone to create what you do want!

nitiate a plan of action
ake a risk, and just do it because
gee you are you
* G * U * R * U *

  • 1st woman given a sales territory with General Mills, Levi Strauss, Wrangler's Womenswear, Butterick Pattern Company

  • Spent 25 yrs with CareerTracks; Covey Leadership Center; Nat'l Seminars; SkillPath Seminars; the PEI + The Stock Market Institute

  • Over 2000 Full Day Seminars, Webinars, Breakouts + Retreats for Corporations, Companies, Associations & Universities

  • Over 300,000 lives impacted empowering women w Sales; Leadership; Speaking Success + Assertive Management Skills

Looking for a coach who can help you with your CLARITY~CONFIDENCE~CASH FLOW?

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