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Get the coaching you NEED—at a price you can AFFORD! Are you ready to Re-Calibrate your internal compass and get connected to your Your Life Purpose?

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CHART — it out

ALL roads OUT of VAGUENESS are under construction and hard to navigate without a roadmap.
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Moving from CHAOS to CLARITY
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2022 is the time to get On Course & Stay on Course! Our weekly MasterClass™ offers you a LIFE do-over with 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 days of unclaimed, uncharted territory.

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All work is on hold for 2023

Jane A. Herron

Certified Success & Leadership Coach — Motivational Speaker — Sales Trainer
Joined National Speakers Association in Los Angeles in 1986
Certified by Covey Leadership as a National Trainer & Leadership Coach in 1992
MASTER Coach & National Trainer of Neuro Linguistics Programming since 1993
PhD work completed in Positive Psychology [everything except oral arguments]
Get the coaching you NEED— at a price you can AFFORD
What if YOU could hire a success coach with the REAL experience you need?

JANE taught Dr. Covey's 7-Habits of Highly Effective People nationally for the Leadership Center for 6-years.

Dr. Covey was the first leader to popularize the term “PARADIGM”. Our paradigms are the patterns, perceptions, frames of reference, worldviews or lenses through which we see everyone and everything, including OURSELVES.
A "paradigm shift" occurs when our paradigms change, allowing us, (often forcing us) to see the world in a new light, to see things differently.

Sometimes a SHIFT happens suddenly and sometimes very gradually ... but when it does happen ... there is NO turning back once it happens. IF you have gone through a paradigm shift and nothing is the same, then Jane wants to help you to make that change.

And 2023 is a little different for me,
I got a new GOLDEN TICKET on Thanksgiving Day 2021 when my identical twin sister was found on the floor of her Miami apartment after laying there for 4-6 days with no welfare check. 
It has taken everything I've got to save her life, move her out of Florida to be with me in Utah.
She is currently a quadriplegic in a hospital bed, in my dining room in HOSPICE. 
I can honestly say this is the hardest JOB I have ever taken on, but it is the most meaningful JOB I will ever be asked to perform in my lifetime. 
So please keep US in your prayers, believe in Miracles because I do! In your mind, send us a Golden Ticket and we will put it to good use! 

  • 1st woman given a sales territory with General Mills, Levi Strauss, Wrangler's Womenswear, Butterick Pattern Company

  • Spent 25 yrs with CareerTracks; Covey Leadership Center; Nat'l Seminars; SkillPath Seminars; the PEI + The Stock Market Institute

  • Over 2000 Full Day Seminars, Webinars, Breakouts + Retreats for Corporations, Companies, Associations & Universities

  • Over 300,000 lives impacted empowering women w Sales; Leadership; Speaking Success + Assertive Management Skills

What do you mean? We deliver Clarity~Confidence~Cash Flow

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