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LEADERS need a ★ CompassMAPCommitment

Go to COMPASS — in hand

COMPASS — in hand

Empower yourself w/ a COMPASS in hand + a COACH to CALL. Hire Jane!
Calibrate your internal compass to navigate + lead through your
Clarity + Confidence = Cash Flow

Go to M.A.P. — in pocket

M.A.P. — in pocket

ALL roads OUT of VAGUENESS are under construction and hard to navigate without a roadmap.
M.A.P.‘s clarify your direction!
SUCCESS is determined by your: Motivation~Accountability~Plan

Go to CLARITY — no chaos

CLARITY — no chaos

Moving from CHAOS to CLARITY will eliminate your STRESS—while maximizing your RESULTS. Fortify your commitment with a M.A.P., a COMPASS+ a COACH
Get the coaching you NEED
at a price you can AFFORD.

Go to CHART — your Course

CHART — your Course

Before turning the ship around, take time to “Chart Your Course”. This year long MasterClass™ offers you a do-over with 12 new months, 52 fresh weeks, 365 days of unclaimed, uncharted territory
Get on Course & Stay on Course

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Jane A. Herron

Certified Sales & Leadership Coach — Motivational Speaker — Success Trainer
Member of National Speakers Association since joining in Los Angeles in 1986
Certified by Covey as a National Trainer & Leadership Coach in 1992
MASTER Certification as a Coach & Trainer of Neuro Linguistics Programming in 1993
NLP is fantastic for Limit Break Throughs, Building Rapport, SALES, Public Speaking Mastery & SUCCESS Strategies
Our Philosophy of Success Rocks!
What if YOU could hire a success coach with the REAL experience you need?

A source of INSPIRATION for you is to recommit to your BIG WHY!! Ask Yourself: Who's driving MY bus?

Has there ever been a time when you took a risk, left your comfort zone, and immediately, wanted to RETREAT?

Jane does NOT want you to retreat back into vagueness because
'what happens in vagueness stays in VAGUENESS' .

Q: When has anything GREAT comes from YOU staying in Vagueness?

Isn't it time to ADVANCE your Mindset, Messaging, Marketing, Mastery and Money?

JANE wants to help you to


G et unstuck
O pen yourself to possibilities

F ocus on what you do want
O bserve the GAP
R ecognize that you have to leave your comfort zone to passion~purpose~profits

nitiate a plan of action
ake a risk, and just do it because
gee you are you! ★ [g-u-r-u]

And on YouTube, Jane is
The Gutsy * G * U * R * U *

  • 1st woman given a sales territory with General Mills, Levi Strauss, Wrangler's Womenswear, Butterick Pattern Company

  • Spent 25 yrs with CareerTracks; Covey Leadership Center; Nat'l Seminars; SkillPath Seminars; the PEI + The Stock Market Institute

  • Over 2000 Full Day Seminars, Webinars, Breakouts + Retreats for Corporations, Companies, Associations & Universities

  • Over 300,000 lives impacted empowering women w Sales; Leadership; Speaking Success + Assertive Management Skills

We deliver Clarity~Confidence~Cash Flow to our Clients!

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